Saturday, September 3, 2022

K Hill270 - “RED Pill” (Video)

Hailing from Western Kentucky just a stone’s throw from the birthplace of the hip hop group Nappy Roots, rapper-singer K Hill270 has innate talent for weaving relatable narratives into poignant auditory experiences. Together with his business partners on the indie label Designated Hitters Music Group, LLC, to which K Hill270 is signed, K Hill relocated to Atlanta as they prepare to kick things off. First up from his catalog is K Hill270’s official debut single, “RED Pill.” Whilst one might be tempted to assume the title is a drug reference, K Hill270 is quick to correct that. “I’m actually a free loving hippy.” He tells us. “I do not like rapping about ops or guns. Just more so love and having a good time!” “RED Pill” is, in fact, an ode to truth. An homage to the scene in The Matrix where Morpheus opens Neo’s eyes for the first time. “RED Pill” represents balance.” K Hill270 discloses. “It’s a celebration of stepping out of your everyday struggles and stepping into your dreams – signifying that the choice is yours.” Watch the official video below and follow on Instagram: @khill_270

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