Sunday, December 12, 2021

Tyso.nn is Making Waves in the Toronto Region


Tyso.nn is a Canadian-born rapper whose rhythms and fresh melodic style are making waves in the Toronto region. Tyso.nn has been quietly watching and waiting for his contemporaries to grow into prominence since entering the profession in late 2017. His close friend Jahmar Carter (Daxs), the producer behind Drake's spectacular song "Back to Back," testified on his behalf, describing Tyso.nn as "a generational talent that just cannot be disregarded."

Lil Tecca was another of his musical peers when he was coming up. They would both work tirelessly in the studio, day and night, to attain their objectives. After seeing guys like Jahmar Carter and Lil Tecca shine, he continued to encourage his friends and their goals. Tyso.nn always believed his moment would come and worked tirelessly at his art. After releasing his breakout hit single "Fast Life," he drew the attention of fans not only in his birthplace, but also in the United States.

After following it up with another smash, "Relocate," there has been little doubt that Tyso.nn is a natural star and might be the industry's next major up and coming hip hop sensation. After chatting with the rapper, he revealed his intentions for his upcoming debut album, which will include ten totally unheard tracks.

Regardless of the songs he features on the album, I can assure you that if it is anything like his previous successes, there is no question Tyso.nn will be a success! Keep an eye on this rising star as he strives for the stars. 


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