Thursday, November 4, 2021

Future Plans for George Pareti


Looking ahead, George hopes to open for musicians in order to build a buzz around his name, and then to someday have a large enough fan following to be able to do his own concerts. There was no definitive answer when asked who he would like to open up for. George appreciates assisting other underground artists, such as himself, who have built their own fan following. He claims that the audience of these underground artists are always completely dedicated to and invested in the music they produce. George Pareti is now finding his numerous abilities as well as strategies to continue to create his own personal brand in order to get to where he wants to go. After deciding to pursue music a little over a year ago, George has set his sights on some lofty ambitions and is determined to achieve them. Being a perfectionist has aided George in producing the greatest music he can. Although being a perfectionist has its drawbacks, George claims that it can take him a long time to complete something since he is always revising it in order to make it ideal and visible to him. George says he'd open for any underground musician since he understands the audience are eager to hear new and diverse music that hasn't yet been heard in the mainstream music industry. Overall, George understands that there are many steps to success, and he is prepared to take all of them.

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