Monday, August 9, 2021

Bala Ortiz, Diehard Fans Continuously Beg For His Music To Drop


His influence has been taken behalf of several upcoming artist, so people can say he is very influential and also inspiring to the music world. People compare his music & influence with artists like Drake, Lil peep, XXXTENTACION, PartyNextDoor & Lil Baby. His melodies take him a long way with his appealing ambience and flagrant attitude. This is a artist you don't want to sleep on. Bala Ortiz is going to go along way and you will certainly hear his name really soon. Simply make certain you have your ear to the streets, due to the fact that this artist is going to take over. 


Bala Ortiz is one of the most anticipated Artist in the DMV With his hit single Offdrugs generating over 4 million streams across all platforms. He has a huge fan base waiting. This artist to say the very least is the next thing coming for the future of hip-hop. He has sold out shows all across the United States let alone his hometown of Northern Virginia. Bala Ortiz is without a doubt a leader in the music industry with his 30,000 followers he has built a cult, his diehard fans continuously beg for his music to drop. He has been teasing his fans with snippets through IG.

That being said with all the music he has dropped he's currently gained almost 70,000 monthly listeners on Spotify he is one you need to keep an eye out for within his Instagram stories he previews what everyone can call a hit. His talent is beyond belief, with co-signs from Ray J, Yes Jules, FATBOY, GoldLink, and many more.

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