Tuesday, March 16, 2021

New Music: "Dark Side: A Toxic Love Story" By Taythedxn


In today’s day in age, authenticity and originality is key when being an artist.. Taythedxn is not only extremely authentic but you believe his story.. heartbreak, pain, & love. Just off first listen, I can tell this guy has been through it. Very impressed by the vocal performance on his entire project “Dark Side: A Toxic Love Story” I’m excited to see where his career is headed in the next year, could easily see this artist on Spotify’s major playlists “tear drop” or “varsity bars”. Would not be shocked if he popped up with a Iann Dior or Clever song.. would love to see that!

"Sometimes music just helps you cope with emotions that sometimes are inexplicable to others sometimes the music just helps you express yourself sometimes the music makes you feel like a superhero but in reality sometimes the world doesn’t need a hero sometimes all it needs is a Monster" -Taythedxn 


 Instagram: @lxrdkavi


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