Monday, March 22, 2021

New Music: Genevieve Zamora - Ride My Wave


New Music: Genevieve Zamora - Ride My Wave

I hear music from all over the country all day everyday. You can almost pinpoint where a track is from. This one I couldn't call it. I had to do some research and found out this one coming from Albuquerque, NM. The track is a collab with A dj named No Kaos Summerville. His name long and verse is tight. The two together got a good blend of mellow and hype. 

Geneveive Zamora is the name of this rapper and she do well with the chemistry on the beat and with the guy rocking the mic too. She got that sexy voice for the beginning of the track and then she come with the bars too. She showing off her ability with this flex. The guy verse isn't bad at all but to be honest, like real real, he doesn't shine through as strong as Geneveive. Probably due to her doing the most, she got the singing and the bars and it left me impressed. Go ahead and learn about it here.

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