Wednesday, September 11, 2019

New Video: Chad Rico - New Level

New Video: Chad Rico - New Level

New Video: Chad Rico - New Level

 Chad Rico is doing big things within the music industry, bringing a style to the game that is very powerful and wavy. For those of you unfamiliar with Chad Rico's project, he is the Professor turned Hip-Hop Recording Artist, who is releasing a new single each week during the "12 Weeks of Summer".

His video for the single "New Level' will change the way videos are shot and directed from this day forward. The concept behind this video is nothing short of amazing! This guy is really a forward-thinking individual that is going to rock the core of the music industry, both musically and visually. 

Click The Link Below To Stream The Record Before Watching The Video:

Click the play button right now to check out the hype, all for yourself. Trust us when we tell you, you will not be disappointed at all. WARNING: Video may have you binge watching foe days.

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