Tuesday, March 26, 2019

New Music: Ceschi Ramos - Sad Fat Luck | @ceschi

New Music: Ceschi Ramos - Sad Fat Luck

New Music: Ceschi Ramos - Sad Fat Luck

The title “Sad, Fat Luck” comes from a joke photo Ceschi sent to his musical partner Factor Chandelier from a jacuzzi in a posh hotel room above Times Square in March 2017. The photo titled “Sad, Fat Boy” was shot in a room provided to him by an infamous (ex)hacker friend who decided that Ceschi needed a break from the stress that came from ending a 6 year relationship.   

2018 brought an almost monthly stream of friend deaths for Ramos, and the “Sad, Fat Luck” EP was still sitting in the vaults while he toured perpetually to financially maintain his record label while running from responsibilities back home.   

After dealing with the perplexing grief of a good friend’s suicide two days before starting a European tour with Serengeti in August 2018, Ceschi quietly had an emotional break down. On a manic, over-caffeinated solo drive from Berlin to Amsterdam to meet the band Why? & Geti, he listened to a new beat skeleton that Factor Chandelier had sent him. Via a series of freestyles onto phone voice memos he eventually chipped away at the Hip-Hop-Moby-Dick that is “Sad, Fat Luck”.   

It is a song written from the perspective of an artist at the end of his rope & considering ending a career in “rap & punk” due to the many layers of meaningless posturing that come attached to the job. It’s the story of Ceschi Ramos, a person who has suffered great loss & trauma yet must “paint that clown face on for the audience” night after night. It is also an apology and thank you to those hurt along a destructive path. 

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