Monday, June 26, 2017

EndaStory - "corrUPted" Album | @EndaStory

EndaStory - "corrUPted" Album /
What started out as simply making a playlist of corrupted audio files from 2013-2015 soon turned into what appears to be a full blown debut album from EndaStory. With the exception of a bonus track, this will surprisingly be Story's first original body of work. Shamed in the least, now seems the appropriate time to unleash what will soon be known as the beginnings of a legacy. "corrUPted" takes on a far greater meaning than just a compilation of damaged audio tracks. It evolves into a reflective canvas of the corruption that surrounds us, and more importantly, the corruption within ourselves. Judge not, for this is only the beginning. SappasOnARiiise...

EndaStory - "corrUPted" Album /

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