Tuesday, August 2, 2016

SCAM ALERT: @DJBOSSCHIC is alledgedly a PayPal Scam ARTIST - @paypal


Let's keep this short and simple.  She allegedly hires you for services... Has her "manager" send you the money via his PayPal. When she can't get people to buy spinrilla uploads for $187.00 she 'files"  a dispute on the money claiming no service. When you ask her what happened she claims that the manager who paid for her "services"  is no one she is associated with.
Paypal does not cover certain services. Even if you do render services on certain digital platforms paypal has no way of telling if the seller was the one who serviced or not. This woman is clearly aware of this loop hole.  She's also not very smart because the internet never forgets.  Why would anyone pay money for services of a person they do not know.

DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH DJ BOSS CHIC ( unless you want your paypal compromised )

Her main goal is to scam you. You can direct a horse to water but in this "chic's" case you can't teach them how to arrange their social media platform for services or that once they have been given access to the service they paid for service has been rendered.  Thank god for receipts!

Let me make one thing very clear. I hate and I mean despise scammers, fake industry people, fake management etc.  If you find it inappropriate  to put a nobody on blast for scamming hardworking professionals then call me petty but I find these type of people disgusting.  You want to know whats wrong with the industry? DJ Boss Chic and every fake manager /artist/producer/ceo /PR just like her.  They don't come in the industry to share art and change lives. They come here for fake validation with fake twitter followers and deceiving people into to thinking they are in a place of power by being the "hook" up at Spinrilla.com when in reality she and anyone with a login to the site can upload you for FREE....   I don't care about no bodies but I do care about the disease in the industry that is people like this one. 

Do business with her if you want to. Pay her to upload you to Spinrilla.com and then come back here and tell me how you got nominated for a grammy shortly there after ... I hear she is about to "Make it"

-Lady Thriller

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