Thursday, August 13, 2015

Smoke Bulga - "Cocaina" | @SmokeBulga @MTMovieStar

Smoke Bulga - "Cocaina" /
Like the Rap God's that came before him. Tupac (Me & My Girlfriend), Nas (Money Is My B*itch), Jay-Z (Girls Best Friend). Smoke Bulga (pronounced Bulger) paints a vivid picture on his latest single,"Cocaina" of how the art of hustling reminds him of his favorite girl. With lines like,"Like Spike I put that ice on Cocaina." In reference to a scene in Spike Lee's movie "Do The Right Thing" where Spike Lee puts ice on Rosie Perez, just as crack dealers puts ice on their product in the process of hardening cocaine to crack. Cocaina is a Certified Street Anthem that can do well in any region. It is the first single off of smoke's upcoming release,"Bossaleeni", and with street bangers like this.. Smoke is well on his way to making his mark in the hip hop arena! Official Music Video Coming Soon.

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