Monday, April 20, 2015

Poppy Chu Ft. Big Vonny 18th & Lenn Dogg - "Preach" Video [Remix] @Poppy_Chu @MTMovieStar

Poppy Chu Ft. Big Vonny 18th & Lenn Dogg - "Preach" Video [Remix]
Aura Films Presents the "Preach" (Remix) Music Video from New York's 
Poppy Chu who is back and ready to leave the same mark on the industry he has in the streets. Featuring his Young Boys Big Vonny 18 and Lenn Dogg who use there opportunity to rip the track to shreds you can hear the hunger in all of there bars. Chu is ready to start releasing music from his upcoming Mixtape rapping about his surroundings an aspirations of making it out of his current situation going into tales of Snitching and artists failing to stand out from those currently in the industry and sounding alike. With bars like this it shows Poppy is aiming for more in life , look out for his upcoming mixtape and more info dropping about it soon. Stay in tune through Instagram @Poppy_Chu as he makes his transition from the street to the music industry.

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