Friday, March 25, 2022

K-Tea - “Jeopardy” | @k_tea.realspill_

Listen to the new single by Huntsville, Alabama rapper K-Tea (@k_tea.realspill_ ) titled “Jeopardy” and read more about him below. About K-Tea: K-Tea is an American recording artist from Huntsville, Alabama. Displaying a passion for the music business at a young age, K-Tea has been experimenting with music since he attended high school with some friends who convinced him he was the one with a real gift. Spending time in the studio, he developed a melodic-type rap which caught the ears of a lot of people in his city. K-Tea released his first mixtape which was called ”Realspill” and collaborated with several notable producers and artists. Search "K-Tea.Realspill_" on your favorite streaming platform to hear his latest work.

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