Thursday, December 2, 2021

Olivier Added Another Satisfying Artistic Chapter To His Legacy


Being half-German and half-Haitian, yet brought up in New York, the artist has been exposed to a wide range of cultures and musical influences. It allowed him to raise the bar in terms of spicing up his sound with something more diversified and dynamic Unlike any other artist working now, In 2018, Olivier and his family found themselves in the midst of a deadly riot in Haiti. They didn't believe they'd make it out alive, but the event inspired the artist to cherish every moment and pursue his aspirations from then on.

Olivier is a songwriter and artist who is passionate about making one-of-a-kind music that blurs the borders between the edge of current melodic rhythms and the melodies of soulful indie pop. "whereareyou?" is his most recent release, Olivier was able to experiment with some interesting new concepts, resulting in a highly original, yet incredibly pleasing sound mix. Consider a cross between Sujan Stevens' delicate vocal style and Juice WRLD's melodious rhythms, and you'll get a sense of how original and distinctive Olivier's sound actually is. The song begins with a very energetic opening that serves to set the tone for what is to come. Later in the song, the arrangement becomes incredibly rich and melodious, yet it still has a lot of fire.

With "whereareyou?" Olivier added another satisfying and one-of-a-kind chapter to his artistic history and musical legacy.


Learn more about Olivier and don't miss out on "whereareyou?" which is now available on some of the greatest digital music streaming sites on the web.


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