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Kim Sane has earned a number of major honors in recent years


Kim Sane, a DJ/Producer from London, has built a solid reputation over the years for his work in a variety of House and Techno music sub-genres. He's played in lineups all across the UK and overseas, amassing a solid resume of leading crowds at well-known locations on both the club and festival circuits.

Kim Sane's music is raw, subterranean, and edgy in dynamic, mixing together subtle elements of Melodic Techno, Indie, and Afro House with disco Disco.

Releasing on labels like Green Snake Records and Fifth Element attests to his considerable legitimacy as an artist, as he continues to earn significant exposure and a fanbase. Kim's unwavering work ethic, along with his natural skill, has earned him a number of major honors in recent years, leading to well-respected residencies and billings in London, Miami, Hong Kong, Bali, South Africa, Mumbai, Colombia, and Peru. Performances at One Hotel Miami, Heard From Club Medellin, Club 89 On Long Cape Town, La Plancha Bali, Egg Club London, XOYO, Fabric, Ministry of Sound, and the W hotel in the British capital are among the highlights.

Kim also operates the events management business Sane Studios, as well as the monthly Mad Hatters party in London and the Hong Kong-based underground electronic events Tag&Nacht. Highly focused and energized, tick boxes are being checked at a rapid pace and will continue to be delivered throughout the next year, with more releases signed to some high class labels as his steady march on the scene constantly smashes down barriers.

You'll be hearing a lot more from him as he continues to take the scene by storm, creating his own distinct character and differentiating himself in the thriving hub that is the London underground music scene.

Whats in store? Future plans? 

This year, I'll be releasing a lot of new songs and performing at a lot of new venues. In February, I'll have a solo release, and I've been collaborating closely with my wonderful colleague Stone Van Brooken. We've been working on a few songs that I began at the start of Covid but never finished. I'm very happy to show you how our styles complement each other. 

We will also be releasing an EP under a duo alias, the details of which will be released very shortly. Finally, I'll be performing in Miami for Miami Music Week and at the Road to Ultra concerts for Ultra Europe with some close friends, which I'm excited to reveal shortly. Aside from that, I'll be performing at Ministry of Sound in London with my good buddy Djelley, as well as returning to ADE in Amsterdam. 

Early life….Where did you grow up? How did it inspire your music? 

Although I was born in Montreal, I grew up in Paris and London. In 2008, I initially became aware of electronic music by listening to Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz. I used to play guitar, keyboard, and drums in rock bands at the time. I used to play guitar, keyboard, and drums in rock bands at the time.

Soon after, I began djing because I wanted to combine some of my favorite songs on my ipod. I decided to buy some low-cost decks, and the rest is history. I used to play guitar, keyboard, and drums in rock bands. Before I started composing music on Ableton, I learned the fundamentals of music production using Pro Tools and got my first experience of capturing sounds with my guitar.

My sound is a mash-up of indie melodic house, melodic techno, singers with amazing melodies, and nasty basslines. I like numerous musicians, including Tale of Us, Oliver Koltetzski, Space Motion, and Mathame, but I also listen to anything from indie rock to classical music to rap.

What’s the EP / Project about? Inspiration behind it? How many songs? Any features? If not explain why. 

Typically, I create melodic techno or indie house. My most recent tune, "Brussels," features exquisite stabs, a progressive break, and a melodic drop. I made the second break and drop highly emotional in order to truly emphasize the nostalgic emotions.

This most current single is far more "Housey." I've long admired house musicians like Traumer and Chris Stussy, particularly their ability to create swinging minimal house bangers. My song "Keep on Moving" is a blend of bouncy house and a slew of vintage elements like flutes and guitars. After composing a lot of melodic techno, I wanted to do something cheerful and lively. I hope you like it.




Soundcloud: @kim-sane 

 Instagram : @iamkimsane 

 Facebook : @djkimsane 

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