Monday, December 6, 2021

Buzzin Albanian Rap Artist Mik Shares New Project


Mik's lyrics are musical representations of his feelings and prior experiences. His ambition is to have a beneficial influence on not just the hip hop scene, but also on American and Albanian culture. He has become a revolutionary sensation in his own nation as a symbol for change through abolishing prejudice and poverty, and he aims to have a similar influence in the United States.

He is presently Albania's leading artist in "Underground Trap" music, receiving recognition and support from some of the country's biggest names in music, like Young Zerka, Labinot Nuraj, Gent Fatali, and many more. He has released three projects, including "Materialistic AF" (English), "Shqipes Up & Young Shqipe," and has generated a lot of hype with popular tracks like Rapunzela (taboo breaker), Per Fam & Lek in 2020.

Mik explains his struggles that have lead to his success in his new EP. So far, the project has had a huge effect and is available on streaming services in two languages: English and Albanian. With his future intentions and the road he is currently on, you'll want to keep an eye on this emerging star. 


Mik is an Albanian rap musician who has made a name for himself in the Albanian music business with his music style of trap, gangster rap, and pop anthems. Born in Greece, the young Albanian genius grew up in gypsy districts of Athens' west side, where bigotry towards Albanians was rampant. Mik was fortunate to survive Greece's fight and migrate to America, where he could start over after being oppressed for most of his life.

However, the difficulties persisted as money became his primary concern. To live, he sold narcotics and various sorts of crime. He subsequently acclimated to New York City's street lifestyle and was introduced to hip hop music. He discovered a gift for expressing himself through music.

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