Monday, November 22, 2021

Future Plans for Sxintpeter


In the future, Peter wishes to open for artist in order to create a buzz around his name, and then to one day have a large enough fan base to be able to do his own shows. When asked who he would like to open up for, he gave no firm answer. Peter enjoys aiding other underground talents, such as himself, who have developed their own fan base.

He states that the underground artists' audiences are always entirely committed to and immersed in the music he creates. Peter is now discovering his many talents as well as tactics for continuing to build his own personal brand in order to go to where he wants to go. Peter has set some tall goals for himself since deciding to pursue music, and he is determined to fulfill them. 

Being a perfectionist has helped Peter create the best music he can. Although being a perfectionist has its disadvantages, Peter believes that it might take him a long time to accomplish something since he is always reworking it to make it ideal and noticeable to him. 

Peter says he'd be willing to open for any underground musician since he knows the crowd is ready to hear fresh and diverse music that hasn't yet been heard in the mainstream music industry. Overall, Peter recognizes that he has a long way to go before achieving his objective. 


Instagram: @sxintpeter

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