Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Distryx Music's founder, Varin Lal, Released His First Album, "Distryx Exclusives."

 Hip-Hop, as we know it today, has been filled with substantial negative images. The majority of mainstream Hip-Hop and rap artists sing about gangs, violence, and drugs. However, one individual in Oakville, Ontario, has made it his mission to release music that has a positive message behind it. Varin Lal, the founder of Distryx Music, has just officially released his first album "Distryx Exclusives." The album was executively produced and planned by Varin himself. He looked for artists he felt that could certainly share a positive message through their lyrics and arranged all the artists right into seven excellent songs.

On the elastic intro of "Do The Most," Bri-C sings about how your haters will certainly attempt to turn to your fans when they see you prosper. He also tells teenagers to keep their heads up and worry about themselves. Tmmrw's "On My Mind" gives voice to teens who are going through a breakup. He reassures them that it is normal to think about their significant other without feeling guilty. The song "Nightmare" by DDPresents, JXVE, Bri-C, and Dampszn is about having negative thoughts about your life. The lyrics of the song encourage youth to focus on self-care and make them feel valued in today's tough society. "Bonnie & Clyde" by Lyfe urges teenagers to treasure the memories they make while they are young and to enjoy their childhood while they can. "Pills" by Shaun Bily, Bri-C., and Lil Uber warns teenagers that the people around them will become indignant and that they should not allow this influence them. "Myself" by Taylr Woods, DDPresents, and Raspy is an energetic rap song about how you don't need anyone else as long as you love yourself. This song teaches teenagers that the only person they can rely on is themselves. On the outro of the album "Medicine" by A-Will Music and Whereswill, the song addresses the album's most important message: that negative people will keep trying to enter your life; regardless of what you do, you can not give them control over yourself.

The album has just been released and sits at 150,000+ streams on Spotify, granting Distryx
Music 25,000+ monthly listeners. Distryx and the artists he collaborated with to produce and manage this fantastic release had a favorable impression on the listeners. I would have to rate this a 10/10 for the message behind it, a 9/10 for the artists' versatility, and a 9.5/10 for the sound and lyrics. Distryx is shifting what individuals recognize is Hip-Hop in the 21st century, and I honestly believe we should maintain their team of artists on the radar for years ahead.

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