Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Diogo Snow a Vibrant Artist who Creates EDM Bangers for his Fans


Diogo Snow is familiar with monumental progressive house even his simplest cuts can overshadow what, for another producer, may constitute the most legendary anthem in their discography. However with "Dark Rose Petals" and its fluctuating tempo shifts, he surpassed himself. It really did not hurt that the harpsichord-like arpeggio suggests a centuries-old baroque fugue remixed for the peak time. Raking in a woping 300K followers on Instagram, Diogo Snow has actually created a cult-like following that is almost impossible to duplicate. 


You can consider Diogo Snow a vibrant artist who paints, creates sculptures and creates EDM bangers for his fans. Diogo just recently dropped some music that is separating himself from the over saturation in the music industry. Diogo has worked with boxer Ryan Garcia, basketball player James Johnson, and also Jeremey Bieber, Justin Bieber's father. He's respected in the inner circles of Hollywood as well as professional sports, and also His brand-new tune "Dark Rose Petals" draws inspiration from peers like DJ Snyder and DJ itsharber, and more, while still remaining true to his very own style. Regardless of the title "Dark Rose Petals" the production is practically like a happy ambient anthem, with difficult striking high hats & 808s.

Going back & forth between Toronto & Miami, Diogo Snow takes influence from both areas when creating his music. When hes in Toronto he tends to make darker, cloudier music that you can ride to at night. When In MIA he’s creating more party-driven up tempo records.

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