Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Rahtwofive - "Whats Next" Remix Video


Rahtwofive has definitely been working, he remixes Drake's "Whats Next" and created a buzz and captured the likes of rappers The Game and Fat Joe.

RaH states of the name, "I believe it's trendy, due to the fact that it's the name of the Sunlight God of Egyptian folklore, as well as I enjoy the sunlight! My family and I took a trip to Egypt around the very same time I obtained the label, as well as it simply stuck." 

 RaH's clarifies that with the initial 3 letters of his complete name; "Rahul," developing into his musician name, he obtained his label back in secondary school, with his close friends calling him Rah. He later on transformed the "H" to establish himself apart when his given name is made use of on its own. The "TwoFive" belongs of his birth day, as well as additionally has a deep, esoteric significance for the musician.

Watch "What's Next" Video below:


RaHtwofive also premired on Fat Joe's JOPRAH show on 3/20. Watch Below:


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