Wednesday, December 4, 2019

New Video: Lil Richie 92 - Kobe

New Video: Lil Richie 92 - Kobe

New Video: Lil Richie 92 - Kobe

Lil Richie 92 is a crazy dope artist with a grind like no other. The work he puts in is nothing short of amazing. The things he seems to make happen could be looked at as impossible but it’s come second nature to this guy.

With this being said, the name of the new single is “Kobe” and it is super dope. The production is off the chain and this record really brings something new to the music industry. A flavor that is totally delicious to the everyday ear that is listening. Lil Richie 92 is prepping for a national promo tour taking the #kobechallenge across the nation. Rumor has it he’s also preparing for a role in a film coming in 2020!

Check out the single by clicking the link below.

Now that you have heard the single, be sure to check out the music video and see why everyone is going crazy for the #kobechallenge. Click the play button below. 

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