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New Music: Ceesz - For The Moment | @ceeszhairston

New Music: Ceesz - For The Moment

Corrie Monzell Hairston Jr.(born April 30, 1991) in St. Louis, MO is an American rapper, producer, and videographer. 
When he was four years old, his mother sat on the bed causing him to fall off and split his head on a boom box. Says that’s how he knows he’s destined to be a musical act. His father was also a rapper hobbyists, owner of multiple recording studios and a manager for a rap group in the late 90’s, early 2000’s. Ceesz wrote his first rap in the 5th grade during the middle of class. At the age of 14 he and his childhood bestfriend Jon Alexander who he’d met in that same class began recording music on instrumentals. At the time he went by the stage name “Yungcee”.

After finishing high school, he had to find work to support himself so he started working at Old Navy. He also worked for a nursing home. He says this made him realize how hard it is to make money and he rather do something he enjoys. Him, Jon and close friends Courtney Keys, Shane Mclemore, Eric Jones then formed a group called “Show Me Boysz”. They went on to make music in the basements of their homes during their spare time, completed a project and later went on to perform at various showcases in the city and even came in first place at one before life split them all up.
In 2010 he enrolled into an online Film program at Full Sail University and went on to drop out a year later as school just wasn't for him. He and Jon who also attended the same university later went on to start a collective “Blueflamesz” where they filmed music videos, sold merchandise, and started rap cyphers in the St. Louis metro area.

During the summer of 2015, Ceesz relocated to Tampa to see what opportunities a different city had to offer. That winter he went on to become a Full time videographer. From there he filmed club performances, vlogs, and music videos for both upcoming and mainstream artists. Later moving to Miami and Los Angeles chasing his dreams as a video director, Filmsbyceesz was becoming a household name and as his love for music continued to grow he decided to focus on recording.

He officially started his music career in February 2019, releasing the EP “For The Moment”. Ceesz gained recognition along with support from family and peers of his talent following the release of his debut project, which was enough to make him want to take music seriously. The project was recorded in just 7 days, one song a day. Says he wants to set an example that you can do whatever it is you want if you are dedicated and committed. Work hard and stay patient!

Ceesz hopes to bring more awareness to mental health issues and care with his work.Talking about his musical style, It's versatile anywhere between trap and hip hop-influenced country R&B pop, the ideal marriage between most genres. He just wants to be able to do it all. Heavily influenced by Lil Wayne, Future, Young Thug, and many more he hopes to reach their level of success and get his message across.

With all that being said, check out his new song, which is called "For The Moment." Click the link below to listen to history for the first time.

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