Tuesday, October 1, 2019

New Video: Talika – For You | @talika_phxaz

New Video: Talika – For You

New Video: Talika – For You

Born and Raised in Arizona Tallica A.K.A TALIKA (pronounced the same, Just spelled different) spent his first 4 years in Phoenix AZ before his Mom chose Drugs over him and his three older sisters. His father relocated them to Flagstaff Az where he grew up in a middle class house. Early years in life, Talika had speech problems growing up. He Went through speech therapy for 6 years in elementary School and Most of his family didn’t think he would Talk normal the rest of his life. 

One thing he and his father bonded with though, was Music. Growing up He loved 80’s Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, and Grunge with a Twist of 90’s Hiphop.
At the age of 7. His father gave him a Cassette Tape Player and soon taught him self how to Make his own Mixes on his Sisters Stereo. His older sister would throw “Kickbacks” blasting various artists while he was hanging out with her and her friends at a young age. That’s When he started experimenting With Artists such a Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Bone Thugs, and Ice Cube. He always treated people with respect if you were a janitor, his Parents, Drug dealers, the homeless, and of course Addicts. 

He Started exploring his talents after his mother Over Dosed when he was 15 years old. He Started playing the Drums Because he Found out he had good rhythm through Playing Rock Band. A talent he had taken for granted was writing. The 2013 Coconino High school Graduate then Moved Down to Phoenix at the age of 21 for a fresh start after a rocky Breakup with his Ex girlfriend. He met two people he could actually call his friends in D Carter and Chino Jones and all of them working at Good time Charli’s.

Stream His Music Right Now On Spotify:

Living with his uncle and a new found passion. TALIKA wrote about 70 songs to beats on YouTube before actually stepping behind the Mic and Recording. Taking it seriously, He started making his own beats and Producing his own songs Learning From D Carter, learning from Chino. TALIKA now has a unique sound of Heavy 808’s, Dubstep like Melodies, Heavy Bars, with a melodic Twist of voice Harmonies.

Recorded with artists such as Mic Myers, KMRN, St. Pierre, VinnyMac, and D Carter. No one Ever expected him to do this. Let alone do it for this long. If you looked at him, you wouldn’t even expect the Native American rapper to rap wearing Metal shirts, ripped Jean shorts, And Converse... But, don’t judge a book by its cover. that’s The Beautiful Deception of it.

You only see what’s on the outside Until you look deeper. 

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