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DJ Freestyle Steve Is Not Just A DJ... He's An Entertainer |

DJ Freestyle Steve Is Not Just A DJ... He's An Entertainer

DJ Freestyle Steve Is Not Just A DJ... He's An Entertainer

If you were lucky enough to catch a concert from production extraordinaire Timbaland megastar Missy Elliot or pop sensation Justin Timberlake's 20/20 Experience World Tour, or Future Sex/Love Show then you have shared the once-in-a-lifetime experience of witnessing DJ freestyle Steve hard at work.
Being the go-to Dj for Grammy Award-winning record producer Timbaland, NFL wide receiver Andre Johnson and Grammy award-winning artist Justin Timberlake, it's easy to understand why Miami-based maestro DJ Freestyle Steve is considered the "world's hottest DJ." Through natural talent, hard work and dedication he has gone from DJing the local clubs of South Florida to spinning at some of the world's biggest nightclubs, exclusive music industry parties and sold-out Stadium concerts around the globe.

Born Steve Johnson and raised in Miami, Freestyle Steve has been spinning records since he was sleeping in Spiderman pajamas. As a kid, he was designated to keep the music rocking at his grandmother's house during her many grown folks' parties. Playing everything from BB King and John Taylor to Michael JacksonJames Brown and The Temptations young Steve learned how the small crowd responded to the music.

It wouldn't be until his team that Freestyle Steve found his love for the craft "I wanted to be a DJ when I got my first 2 Live Crew album," he recalls. "One of the songs on the album was 'Get it Girl.' I used to play that all the time. That's when I knew I could do it. But I wasn't following up on it."

Instead, he focused his energies on furthering the career of childhood friend and late legendary Miami DJ Uncle Al. He helped set up equipment, set up shows and handle most of Al's paperwork in management. In fact, it was from Al that DJ Freestyle Steve got his moniker, because he was known to play several different music genres.

"I learned how to DJ from Uncle Al," he admits. "I learned how to set the equipment up and I learned  the record business. The first time I went into the studio was with him. I learned so much from that guy."

Eventually, he purchased his first set of turntables and put Al's lessons to the test. In no time at all he gained notoriety on the Miami underground scene. His reputation grew so big that he landed the opportunity to DJ for Timbaland as well as the exclusive DJ of choice for NBA and NFL players and too many music celebrities to name.

Steadily expanding his resume, this proud member of Sugar Hills DJ crew, DJ Freestyle Steve is currently opening up for Justin Timberlake on his Man of the Woods World Tour.
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