Tuesday, May 23, 2023

New Music: Angel Sessions – Let’s Go Ride | @AngelSessions


New Music: Angel Sessions – Let’s Go Ride

Angel Sessions is a singer that really takes her craft seriously , and you can tell this by the production of her records and videos. The hard work and massive effort that she puts into her career is second to none and quality shows within the fruits of the labor. 

With all that being said , the new record which is called "Let's Go Ride" talks about love and sometimes how hard it could be to find in the world that we live in today but it's all worth it when you find the love of your life. This is a powerful record with a powerful message to not just the youth, but everyone.

This record was originally released on Angel's "Love Ride" album but it was not released digitally. Click the link below to listen to this record right here right now. 

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Dre Murro x Mr. Hanky - “4 Me Only” [Video]

Watch the official video for Dre Murro and Mr. Hanky’s “4 Me Only.” @dremurro @amrhankybeat

Friday, May 19, 2023

New Music: John Blu And Jaraiyia Alize’ – On Ya Best Friend Part 2 | @JaraiyiaAlize @johnblu_


New Music: John Blu And Jaraiyia Alize’ – On Ya Best Friend Part 2

New Music: John Blu And Jaraiyia Alize’ – On Ya Best Friend Part 2

Friday, May 12, 2023

Breadwinner Kane, Sauce Woodwinnin, TC Gambino - Bleed Da Block

Breadwinner Kane, Sauce Woodwinnin, and TC Gambino collaborate on the brand new release “Bleed Da Block.” Breadwinner Kane recently signed to TSF and has been actively recording music with the team. Follow on Instagram for details: @kanebwa @saucewoodwinnintoomuch


Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Meet DR Ayo Gathings Relationship And Life Coach To Love And Hip Hop Reality Star Safaree Samuels


Meet DR Ayo Gathings Relationship And Life Coach To Love And Hip Hop Reality Star Safaree Samuels

Meet DR Ayo Gathings relationship and Life coach to Love And Hip Hop reality star Safaree Samuels. Here is what you need to know about DR Ayo and Jason Gathings. The Gathings aren’t your typical everyday family. They are true visionaries, who are authentic, possess fortitude, and strive to achieve greatness. Their clan includes Jason and Ayo, entrepreneurs, inspirational speakers and mental health professionals as well as their adorable sons Jason (4 ) Jameson (3) and a close knit, supportive extended family. Jason Gathings completed a post graduate program in Behavior Modification and worked as a behavioral analyst. He conducted comprehensive assessments where he observed events within individuals’ environments to bring about behavior change in hopes of impacting the quality of his clients’ lives. Jason also has numerous successful ventures in healthcare and real estate , with emphasis in marketing and management. Ayo Gathing, M.D. is not only a board-certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist, she is a health media expert and best selling author / relationship guru  with features in national media including CBS Good Day, HLN Weekend Express, and The Tom Joyner Morning Show. As a professor, and dynamic speaker she specializes in decreasing the stigma of mental illness and imparting her medical knowledge with strategies for maintaining wellness. Gathing’s journey into CBD started when Jason was living in constant pain due to old injuries he sustained during his collegiate football career. He did not want to take addictive pain medication but could not find a suitable alternative. CBD was recommended and he found instant relief and improvement in his overall well-being! At the same time Ayo was working with patients that repeatedly told her that they didn’t trust the medications she was prescribing enough to take them. This serious distrust in “traditional” treatments left many, often in minority communities, in distress. They either had to suffer or live in fear. So, they decided to do something to address these gaps with a mission to provide awareness of natural ways to attain wellness. They created high-quality hemp-based products that work and educate the masses to understand that CBD is an alternative that can be trusted. Soon after producing and selling with huge success, The Gathings realized there was more to be done. Small businesses, budding entrepreneurs, and minority communities were lacking in the fundamental knowledge of how to get into the CBD business.  So, they decided to blow the lid off of the industry and help more people gain access into the often-elusive hemp world. The Gathings are a movement in business and health with a mission of meeting the needs of their customers, other entrepreneurs and the culture. They feel their success lies with staying true to their mental health roots in guiding their endeavors as well as prioritizing God and family above all else.

Monday, May 1, 2023

New Music: Angel Sessions and Shardella Sessions – Revoked | @AngelSessions @itsjustDella


New Music: Angel Sessions and Shardella Sessions – Revoked

Mother and daughter link up to give us a smash hit record called "Revoked." Angel Sessions and Shardella Sessions are by far two of the most creative people you will ever come across within the music industry. The songs provoke emotion and it always has a message for people to walk away with. Not a lot of artists are taking the time to create music on that type of level. 

Angel Sessions, who is the mother, had this to say about working with her daughter Shardella Sessions.

 "I've always loved singing with my daughter Shardella because her voice is so unique and her writing abilities are impeccable! We both wrote this song in 15 minutes and without knowing what my daughter was writing, after I had finished my lyrics, she and I both had the same concept! We think alike when it comes to our writing. I am excited about this record because it's a mother-and-daughter team, and we are doing it today like no other."

This record is fire and you are not going to want to stop listening to it after the first time. You can tell these women put their heart, mind and souls into this record for you to enjoy. Click the link below to listen right now.